• First things first

    First of all: THIS IS NOT A GAME! (but may come to be, one day...:))
    It is an experiment for our study. So, we kindly request to take it SERIOUSLY.
    We will be grateful if you complete all the FIVE missions (around 3 minutes each).
    The results will be useful ONLY if you complete all the FIVE missions.

    Please, complete all the FIVE missions!!!
  • Situation overview

    There was an EARTHQUAKE and a FLOOD.
    - 8 known victims are in the middle of the wreckage.

    QUAD RESCUE SQUAD, an international secret life-saving organisation, equipped with technologically-advanced rescue drones was called to keep the victims alive until the rescue team arrives.

    One of the drones is an AUTONOMOUS HELICOPTER equipped with a camera with a wide field of view.
    They also have a SUPPORT BOAT,
    3 AUTONOMOUS QUADCOPTERS with cameras (with a limited capacity to identify a person) and capable of transport one first aid kit at a time.
    and 8 FIRST AID KITS.

  • Interface

    This is the operator's graphical interface to help the drones with the tough decisions involving human lives.

    There is one trainning mission and four "real" missions.

  • The task

    The drones are fully autonomous.

    But, the operator (you) has to decide when and where to deliver the kits.

  • The end

    The best results will be in the "HALL OF FAME"